Friday, July 25, 2014

green shade

From time to time I have to trim my friend the big plant and I always feel a bit sad but I know it's good for him. This time I used one of his leafs as a display for one of my favorites; the River Deep necklace.
 photo 220245B6-E04F-4144-BDD8-ED4A0CAAE15B.jpg

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Grand Budapest calling...

One of the greatest things about living in NY is taking adventure walks in undiscovered neighbourhoods! We stumbled upon this insane place called Grand Prospect hall, which used to be a dance hall a hundred years ago and now it's a place to rent for event. I was wearing my Swedish Summer dress.

 photo 3860EDDB-DDA6-450E-870F-4D30A4F8182A.jpg

Summer Forever At The Beach

We had a much needed little beach break on Sunday. I love sitting in the sand smelling of coconut sun lotion and trying to read the NYT magazine with sticky hands in the warm ocean breeze.
I also loved laying on the super soft and big foutha that the lovely ladies at Dotti's got made with my design. Contact them to purchase one at
 photo 91C9FACC-5A20-4ED6-8B1B-D3A90870B099.jpg

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

saying hi

The Like A Virgin dress in the window during our pop up with Schneeweisschen und Rosenroth  photo IMG_1460.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2014

Singing In The Rain

Rebecca of The Clothes Horse is weaing her Moonriver dress, making a rainy day brighter!
 photo rainday-23_zps41994f3a.jpg photo rainday-32_zps953c138d.jpg

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Emily and one of our kiss tattoos! xxxxxx
 photo 55121aec-0559-4226-a43f-999801650003.png

Saturday, July 19, 2014

blue in the best of ways

Some blue inspiration from Puglia...
 photo 77EB104B-DEBB-4650-895D-3B5B9D942D1C_1.jpg photo AB2EC5E0-515C-4AD5-95B2-1431CF552220.jpg photo A8E9FBA2-DDBB-44BC-9225-7C0AAD67BD0A_1.jpg photo 9E60B30C-C73F-49C7-84BA-BE54FD19DA3F_1.jpg

Friday, July 18, 2014

YES Summer!

I love this photo of our customer Alba wearing her Bonnie's Boat dress. Happy weekend everyone!
 photo 1902790_10152387140814789_7071290766473282860_n.jpg

Soleil on a Boat

Rebecca of The Clothes Horse looking so cute and summery in in the Soleil dress
 photo canoes-27_zpsff05d417.jpg photo canoes-18_zps448f761c.jpg photo canoes-17_zps3410e4cd.jpg photo canoes-26_zps32da065c.jpg

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Graduate Jacket in action

I love these photos of our customer Alyssa (with Sasha Lord and Miss Pussycat) wearing the Graduate jacket!
 photo bd22a1ca-81dd-4a69-b5ac-ce6342ed364b.png photo photo3-1.jpg

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

red and red

Some red inspiration from my dreamy Italy vacation.
 photo C627DE27-3E3F-4D37-A1FD-AA1A3BF10DE4_1.jpg photo 258C5EA0-A18B-4EE4-8DEB-AE22BD6BA727_1.jpg photo 2F2E6610-0BC2-4AB3-A9B9-29EBDB810B1C.jpg

More from Teeth magazine

Here are some more beautiful shots by Amber Byrne Mahoney for Teeth magazine

The Legends dress 

 photo amber_byrne_mahoney_teeth_magazine_editorial_photography_wilhelmina_models_new_york.jpg

 photo amber_byrne_mahoney_editorial_photography_new_york_teeth_magazine_wilhelmina_models_fashion_family_affairs_samantha_pleet_018.jpg
The Oh Boy dress
 photo amber_byrne_mahoney_teeth_magazine_wilhelmina_models_001.jpg photo amber_byrne_mahoney_editorial_photography_new_york_teeth_magazine_wilhelmina_models_fashion_family_affairs_samantha_pleet_009.jpg The Cafe Zoe dress
  photo amber_byrne_mahoney_editorial_photography_new_york_teeth_magazine_wilhelmina_models_fashion_family_affairs_samantha_pleet_008.jpg photo amber_byrne_mahoney_editorial_photography_new_york_teeth_magazine_wilhelmina_models_fashion_family_affairs_samantha_pleet_006.jpg
 photo amber_byrne_mahoney_wilhelmina_models_teeth_magazine_editorial_photography_new_york_5.jpg
Elijah of Wilhelmina Models for TEETH MAG. Makeup by Allison Perlstein, hair by Rubi Jones,

Summer Forever at Dotti's

The fresh and beautiful "Summer Forever" corner at Dotti's is going strong!
Visit some off season pieces at discounted prices as well as our complete Family Affairs Home collection at Dotti's(Josefstrasse 144, Zurich) until the end of August! Here is our Hollyhops plate
having a summer experience..

 photo Foto-3.jpg

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kaya's corner part 3

It's Tuesday and time for Kaya's corner after a bit of a summer break ;) (on my part not my mum's)
These are my mum's favorites of the week:
 photo kayas_corner-.jpg
1. Favorite animal of the week: Baroque Donkey!
 photo -5.jpg photo -4-1.jpg

Inspiration of the week:

1.Asinesca Gloria, Woodcut- Bayrische Staatsbibliothek  photo -7.jpg 2. Silk Ikat Uzbekistan "Selvedge" Mag.Issue 55  photo -8.jpg 

Video of the week:

Zorbas Syrtaki danke

Monday, July 14, 2014

full silk suit in Italy...

What beautiful memories! I really had the best summer vacation ever. Here we were in Pescara and I was wearing the Harry shirt with the Imagine pants, probably after my second breakfast..
 photo 9630AC79-2A02-4748-A487-DFB71AE2659C_1.jpg

snack attack

One of our lovely customers Erina Uemera in the Cafe Zoe dress :)
 photo fca99d2a-a412-41f0-8b66-30e2c7bbf524.png

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

beach time!

Bring your Coconut bikini and a good book.
 photo IMG_1419.jpg

Gals at the Deep End Club

I love Gal's Friday at The Deep End Club! This time we got to do potato prints with natural dyes. Tennessee is the most amazing host.
Here I am with Hannah wearing my Legends dress and lip print tote.
 photo 10509480_10152561916928373_1596532575247632107_n.jpg

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lena Dunham wears Family Affairs!

 Oh I just realized I never shared this with you!! I was flipping out when Lena Dunham gave us a shout out on Instagram while wearing the Legends dress! Thank you Lena, you piece of amazingness.
 photo ScreenShot2014-05-02at43828PM.png photo ScreenShot2014-05-02at53710PM.png

alba and roxanne

Alba and her Roxanne skirt! Love it!
 photo 10382567_10152608795869789_7455531804011318916_o.jpg

Thursday, July 10, 2014

pure beauty

on a walk with my dear friend marion.
 photo IMG_1453.jpg

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


I love these photos by Of A Kind of the Coconut bikini and Morning Swim shorts!
 photo card_coconuttop-3.jpg photo card_coconuttop-shorts-1.jpg photo card_coconuttop-shorts-4.jpg photo card_coconuttop-shorts-2.jpg photo card_coconuttop-bottom-2.jpg photo card_coconutbottom-1.jpg photo card_coconuttop-2.jpg photo card_coconuttop-1.jpg photo card_coconutbottom-2.jpg photo card_coconuttop-bottom.jpg